Dynamite DYNS2210 WP 60A FWD / REV Brushed ESC

$65.00 inc GST

Dynamite DYNS2210 WP 60A FWD / REV Brushed ESC Key Features Waterproof for all weather operation1 LiPo and NiMH compatible Program functions changed with the use of jumper pins Up to an 8T motor limit Removable mounting tabs create an even...

G-Force G0017 Program Box

$44.90 inc GST

G-Force G0017 Program Box   Features 1. ESC Setting 2. LiPo battery Monitor 3. Input PPM Signal Monitor 4. Servo Tester  5. Monitor KV/RPM Tester  6. PC Interface - Link ESC to PC Product Specification Input Voltage (ESC...

Graupner Bluetooth Module

$119.00 inc GST

Graupner Bluetooth Module   OVERVIEW  Stay up-to-date with real-time telemetry updates and voice notifications using the Graupner External Bluetooth Module by connecting your Graupner HoTT radio to an Android Smartphone or Tablet. Simply...