Replacement PEI Sheet for MK2/S (Ultem)

$20.00 inc GST

Replacement PEI sheet print surface for MK42 heatbed. Comes with 3M 200MP adhesive backing ready for application. Complete guide how to replace the old sheet is available at 260 x 225 mm 175um thickness 3M 200MP...

Prusa Rambo Mini Board - Suit MK2/MK2S

$349.00 inc GST

RAMBo mini is motherboard for MK2/S. We sell only original manufactured by Ultimachine from USA. This ensures highest quality components including Molex connectors. That means you don't have to worry about connectors melting or...

Prusament PLA Premium Mystic Green 1KG

$84.95 inc GST

Is it green? Is it grey? With Prusament Premium PLA Mystic Green, it's up to you. You can experiment with higher nozzle temperatures, layer heights and nozzle diameters to get fabulous light effects on your objects.  Affordable filament for...

Yellow PLA Filament

$48.99 inc GST

PLA is the most commonly used filament. It’s biodegradable, easy to print, and a very strong material. The perfect choice for printing large objects thanks to its low thermal expansion (little to no warping) and for printing tiny parts because of...