Yellow PLA Filament

$48.99 inc GST

PLA is the most commonly used filament. It’s biodegradable, easy to print, and a very strong material. The perfect choice for printing large objects thanks to its low thermal expansion (little to no warping) and for printing tiny parts because of...

Prusa Einsy RAMBo MK3S

$269.00 inc GST

Einsy RAMBo (named after Einstein) is the revolutionary 3D printer board and it is a core of the MK3 performance. Major Features: 4 x integrated Trinamic TMC2130 1/256th microstep motor drivers 4 PWM Mosfet outputs 3 thermistor inputs +...

Hardened steel E3D V6 Nozzle

$48.00 inc GST

Hardened steel nozzles are a must for highly abrasive materials. Regular brass nozzles will degrade very quickly and lose their properties. Most of the abrasive materials are composites, plastics with something mixed in. Some examples are ColorFabb XT...

E3D V6 Nozzle 0.4mm

$22.95 inc GST

Original E3D nozzles.  Nozzle diameter is marked on every nozzle with drilled dots. Number of dots Nozzle diameter Ideal for 0 0.25 mm Great detail 3 0.4 mm Great speed/quality ratio 6  0.5...